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Scaling Multiple Ventures


I spent over a decade in the ecommerce space, launching new products and growing businesses. As co-founder of FuturePay, we provided hundreds of ecommerce companies with the ability to provide online shoppers with instant financing. While at PayMotion, we provided software businesses with a ready-to-use global payment solution. I also co-launched an ecommerce and website hosting platform for small businesses called PortoLynx.



I spent nearly a decade launching and growing online companies. At Education International, we provided educational organizations with online student recruitment tools. With Student Counselllor, we provided high school students with an online portal to determine their likelihood of getting accepted to postsecondary programs. At Constant Content, we delivered unique, high quality, SEO -riendly content for ecommerce companies.


I've spent over 20 yeas working at and with tech companies. Most of that experience was creating software products and online platforms. In addition to companies mentioned above, I also helped grow Local Government Manager, a service for small municipalities to bring certain operations online like building permits. I also worked with Genologics, a software company that helps labs and institutions automate their genomics and proteomics research.


Early in my career, I worked for a consulting firm that provided marketing services to government, NGOs and non-profits including Health Canada and the Canadian Red Cross Society. We also helped to raise funds for some of these organizations with corporate sponsorship programs. We worked with numerous headoffice sponsors such as Canadian Tire, Avon, Gillette and Smith & Nephew.

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